Welcome to the home of the Bitcoin gift card.

Our brand new bitcoin gift card is a simple and secure way to buy bitcoins, delivered to you through the mail. Each of our cards is the size of a business card and comes with a secure private key written on the back. To get your bitcoins, scratch off your gift card and then enter its key online at our website. If you already have a bitcoin wallet, you can enter your bitcoin address and withdraw your bitcoins immediately. Or, you can choose to use the physical gift card as your bitcoin wallet. Our cards come in $5, $20, $50, $100 and $500 gift card amounts. Redeem your card when the price of bitcoins is low to get as many Bitcoins as possible.

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When you scratch off and redeem a gift card, it will be automatically converted into Bitcoins at the current exchange rate. The exchange rate that you get will be whatever is currently listed on Coinbase, a trusted and low-priced Bitcoin exchange.

Our bitcoin giftcards are designed for resale; they can easily be given away to friends or sold in physical locations such as convenience stores.

You can pay for your Bitcoins through Paypal. Our gift cards ship to the United States and Canada within a few days.

This site was created in partnership with BuyBitcoins.com, the oldest Bitcoin exchange. If you would prefer to purchase gift cards that are customized with your name & contact info, please visit SellBitcoins.com instead. Please read our Terms of Service before making a purchase.

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